How to Get a New Employee Up to Speed

Here is a fantastic article by Sara Stibitz about How to Get a New Employee Up to Speed and the best Onboarding practices. She recommends to

  • Focus on culture
  • Get your entire team involved
  • Set expectations early on
  • Don’t overlook the little things
  • Give them time to grow

The main principes to remember:


  • Take time to explain and answer questions about the company’s culture
  • Create collective responsibility for the success of the new teammate by sharing onboarding duties with their peers
  • Ask current teammates about their onboarding experiences to gain insight into the process


  • Bury your new hire in paperwork on the first day — make her feel welcome and happy to be there
  • Forget to handle simple logistics like workstation set-up and business cards
  • Expect your new teammate to “hit the ground running” — understand that the time it takes to get up to speed is a reflection of the position

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