Bloom’s Taxonomy

Benjamin Samuel Bloom (February 21, 1913 – September 13, 1999) was an American educational psychologist who made contributions to the classification of educational objectives and to the theory of mastery-learning.

Nowdays we work and learn in parallel, the learning process is ogoing. Good leaders must guarantee the best learning environment and techniques to continuesly strenghten the team.

Bloom’s taxonomy serves as the backbone of many teaching philosophies, in particular those that lean more towards skills rather than content. These educators view content as a vessel for teaching skills. The emphasis on higher-order thinking inherent in such philosophies is based on the top levels of the taxonomy including analysis, evaluation, synthesis and creation. Bloom’s taxonomy is used as a teaching tool to help balance assessment and evaluative questions in class, assignments and texts to ensure all orders of thinking are exercised in student’s learning, including aspects of information searching.

Please find more details about Bloom’s taxonomy at

Please wath the video from Lucas Anderson, University of Illinois Center for Teaching Excellence, that talks about  Bloom’s Taxonomy.

For this pupose periodic seminars in the team, where someone choose an interesting topic, spends own spare time to deep into it, then analizes it, creates slides and presents a presentation for the rest of the team works very well.


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